CD-ROM, 2000


Curated by Dave Hickey, Ultralounge: The Return of Social Space (with Cocktails) consists of works by artists from Los Angeles and Las Vegas in various mediums. The CD-ROM includes a video tour of the exhibition, documentation of the individual artists and their work, an essay by Dave Hickey, commentary on the artists by David Pagel, and video footage of an invocation by the Rev. Ethan Acres, blessing all of the artists. The artists included in the exhibition are: Phil Argent, Aaron Baker, Tim Bavington, Jane Callister, Cynthia Chan, Jack Halberg, Wayne Littlejohn, Christine Siemens, Jennifer Steinkamp, Mary Warner and Yek.

Color Fields: Now and Then, curated by David Pagel, is a virtual exhibition contrasting the works of a new generation of artists with the works of an earlier group of "color-field" painters. The seven young artists included in the exhibition are all women, mostly painters, who, with one exception, live and work in Los Angeles. They are Polly Apfelbaum, Linda Besemer, Ingrid Calame, Penelope Krebs, Laura Owens, Monique Prieto and Pae White. In addition to a virtual gallery, the ARTPIX CD-ROM includes an essay by David Pagel, bibliographies and additional works of the artists, and information about the earlier group of "color-field" painters, including Gene Davis, Friedel Dzubas, Sam Francis, Helen Frankenthaler, Morris Louis, Kenneth Noland and Jules Olitski.

Minimum System Requirements
Pentium Processor: 200 MHZ or better;
Windows 95, 98, or NT; 32 MB RAM (64 recommended);
SVGA monitor, 640 x 480 with thousands of colors;
sound & video card; 12 X CD-ROM drive.
MAC OS: 200 MHZ Power PC or better;
system 7.1 or later (OS X not supported);
32 MB RAM (64 recommended); 640 x 480 with thousands of
colors; sound & video card; 12 X CD-ROM drive.


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