CD-ROM, 2001


ARTPIX 3 features contemporary art from Aotearoa/New Zealand. This is New Zealand, curated by Robert Leonard, is an interactive multimedia essay that addresses New Zealand’s bicultural society and the issues affecting it today, illustrated by the work of three artists: Ava Seymour, Bill Hammond and Michael Parekowhai.

Julie Paama-Pengelly’s Ta Moko is NOT Tattoo examines traditional ta Moko in contemporary times and how it is perceived by Maori and non-Maori. The artists are Rangi Kipa, Jacqueline Fraser, Lyonel Grant, Shane Cotton, Ngahiraka Mason, Saffronn Te Ratana and Lisa Reihana.

Te Ao Tawhito, Te Ao Hou – Old Worlds, New Worlds, curated by Megan Tamati-Quennell, presents the work of two artists – John Pule and Lisa Reihana – working in the Polynesian spirit, drawing from traditional narratives and art forms.

Part Umbra Penumbra, curated by Jim Vivieaere, tours the studios of four Auckland artists, whose works reflect on a South Pacific aesthetic, incorporating light and shadow, reflection and absorption, and grids and patterns. The artists are Chiara Corbelletto, Graham Fletcher, Andrea Low and Peter Roche.

Minimum System Requirements
Pentium Processor: 200 MHZ or better;
Windows 95, 98, or NT; 32 MB RAM (64 recommended);
SVGA monitor, 640 x 480 with thousands of colors;
sound & video card; 12 X CD-ROM drive.
MAC OS: 200 MHZ Power PC or better;
system 7.1 or later (OS X not supported);
32 MB RAM (64 recommended); 640 x 480 with thousands of
colors; sound & video card; 12 X CD-ROM drive.


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